Saffron is one of the best goods for trade and import to Georgia thus In the following, we will talk more about saffron this matter.
Saffron is a very practical spice therefore we use this in various food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries in different countries such as Georgia.
Iran’s exporting saffron is also imported to other countries such as India, China, Dubai, etc.

Customers of Saffron

TitleImporting Saffron to Georgia

Customers of Saffron

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Georgia is one of the customers of Iranian saffron, which annually imports the best types of saffron into Georgia therefore it is very famous spice in Indonesia.
There are about 26,000 standards in Georgia thus any product that has the standards of European and American countries will be easily distributed in the Georgian market.
Of course, Iranian standards will also be accepted in Georgia.

Saffron import law to Georgia

Saffron export law to Georgia

There are about 26,000 standards in Georgia.
Any product that has European and American standards will be easily distributed in the Georgian market.
As mentioned above, Iran’s standards will be accepted in Georgia.
And this is an important issue that can be important for Iranian businessmen.
Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are one of the active groups in the field of saffron import to Georgia.

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Buy Saffron form Market

Naturally, saffron trade has always been profitable. And many individuals and companies are willing to work in the field of saffron import and trade.
But are all these people and companies successful in this? They all do their best and meet customer demand thus
Georgia has a very favorable environment for trade.

Saffron price in the Georgian market

Saffron price in the Georgian market

It is not a precise and valid basis for anyone to tell you exactly what price you can sell in Georgia.
Because the price of saffron is determined by the factors that are:
1.Type of saffron
2. The quality grade of saffron
3. Saffron standards
4. Saffron packaging
5. The amount of saffron trade
6. Methods of sending to Georgia

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