Major purchase of Mashhad saffron from Saffron King Business Company is possible all over the world.
Contact our experts to buy Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron.
We are active in the field of wholesale of exporting saffron so in the following, we will consider the purchase of bulk saffron at a reasonable price along with the sale price list of exporting saffron.

Buy saffron at a reasonable price

Here we will consider the purchase price of saffron from the wholesale market of saffron. Saffron is always cheaper in bulk and by kilo than retail saffron, of course, the selling price of saffron is different in each city. Also, the type of saffron you want to buy is effective in determining the price of saffron. For example, Super Negin saffron, exporting Sargol and Pushal have different prices.
The price of Pushal saffron has more reasonable price because it has a lower quality.

Super Negin saffron per kilo

Points to buy saffron

Important point in buying saffron: if you buy saffron from a farmer and without intermediaries, it has a better price.
If you want to buy and export the original exporting saffron, you can try the reasonable price and excellent quality with Saffron King Business Company so contact our experts to buy saffron and place an order.

Points to buy saffron

Price list of bulk saffron

In this section, the price list of bulk saffron is at your disposal. The purchase price of exporting saffron from this company is fixed during one month.
You can see the day price of the original exporting saffron and select the option you want.
Of course, the price of saffron varies based on the order quantity, type of saffron and place of delivery.
In the following, you can see the price list of saffron in the weights of 1 to 10 kg, 10 to 25 kg, 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg.
Select the option you want so contact our experts to buy saffron and place an order.

Price list of saffron per kilogram

Sales of saffron

Exporting saffron is always the best type of saffron because most countries, especially European countries, pay a lot of attention to the quality and appearance of saffron. Our group of companies has the best types of saffron, super Negin, Negin and exporting Sargol with all laboratory analyzes and standards and it also provides services to esteemed buyers: including insuring their saffron, which will be safely available to you in any country you want to buy the original exporting saffron so contact our experts to buy bulk saffron and place an order.

Saffron in the market

An important issue that is very important is the type of saffron which, as mentioned, is effective in the price of saffron because higher quality types of saffron such as Super Negin, ٍExporting Sargol, Pushal or Dokhtar Pich …. also determine the selling price of saffron, the higher the quality and the lower the white part of the saffron, the higher the price and vice versa.

Saffron in the market

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