What is the day price of saffron per kilo in the wholesale saffron market?
In the following, we will consider the day price of wholesale saffron and the method of buying and selling bulk saffron.
we upload the purchase price of bulk saffron iregularly on our website .
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Types of exporting saffron to France

Day price of saffron

The price of saffron per kilo is between $ 944 and $ 1457.
Ghaenat saffron (saffron grown in Ghaenat neighborhood) is sold by Saffron King Business Company and in the table below, the price of saffron that is offered in the market is given to you for 1 to 10 kg weight for different types of saffron.

5 important points in buying saffron per kilo

Export von Safran nach Frankreich

Here are five important tips to help you make a secure purchase.
The most important factor when buying saffron is the purity of saffron (this is one of the most important factors in the difference in prices in the saffron market.
We have created this situation for you to receive saffron, the most suitable according to your consumption.
In the field of saffron export, we can also provide you with the most widely used saffron that we produce and export for your target market.
Another point is the appearance of saffron that the stigmas must be healthy.
And the fifth factor is the aroma of saffron that saffron that is planted this year (crop year) has more aroma than saffron last year

Wholesale saffron

sale and export of saffron

We do the transaction saffron per kilo is mainly in weights of more than one kilo.
To send a sample in the wholesale market, the minimum amount of 250 grams (one quarter of a kilo) will be sent so that you can easily compare the volume of saffron.
we offer different saffron in bulk to the saffron market and global markets.
you can contact our experts to buy a kilo of saffron and receive your order in the destination country.

Buying and selling bulk saffron

Wholesale price of saffron

In the above section, we considered the price of saffron and the minimum weight traded in the wholesale saffron market.
we publish the daily rate of buying and selling bulk saffron regularly on the website of Saffron King Business Company.

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