What is the bulk purchase price of exporting saffron?
When is the best time to buy a kilo of saffron?
What is the difference between the wholesale and retail prices of saffron?
How to get the daily price of export quality saffron?
What is the price of the highest quality saffron?
We will answer these questions below.
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Purchase price of saffron?

Day price of saffron

The price of saffron, the best brands of saffron and the best brand of saffron in the saffron market, is as follows: (Saffron price was updated)
We are a producer of saffron, so the prices of this company will not fluctuate often during a month.
In the following, you can see the daily price of exporting saffron and select your desired option.

Recognizing the quality of saffron

Price of the highest quality saffron?

In the field of saffron, 3 types of saffron have 4 degrees of the highest quality.

  1. Type of Negin saffron grade 1
  2. Type of Sargol saffron grade 1
  3. Type of Pushal saffron grade
    The price of each gram of this type of saffron is between 3 to 8 euros.
  4. Of course, saffron has different types and prices.
  5. In the following, we will consider the price of each type of saffron for export.
Price of the highest quality saffron?

How the quality of saffron determined?

Usually in the field of saffron, when we talk about quality, only 3-4 names come to mind, names like Negin, Super Negin, Sargol and Pushal .
That is, in which market do you want to operate?
Because different markets demand different types of saffron.
For example, in a market where Pushal saffron is in greater demand, the distribution of Negin saffron may not be a good option.

How the quality of saffron determined?

Difference between purchase prices of saffron

In wholesale and retail classes, prices are very different.
In the saffron market, the most appropriate prices are related to major purchases and sales.
Because in saffron retail, side costs such as packaging, transportation, company costs, etc.
will be calculated.
That is why the bulk purchase price of saffron and the quality of exporting saffron is very different from domestic saffron.

Demands for the saffron

What is the safest way to buy saffron?

It has probably happened to you that when you buy saffron in bulk, at great expense, the saffron you receive will ultimately go against your expectations.
If you want to buy and export saffron, we will introduce you to Saffron King Business.
Based on our activity in different global markets, we will provide the best type of saffron for your activity.
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