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  • But is that always like this?
  • saffron purchase price
  • Method of purchasing kilo saffron
Method of purchasing kilo saffron

Purchasing original saffron from our Companies.
Here we will reveal the secret of recognizing the originality of saffron.
In the following, you will see the price list of the original exporting saffron in this kilo saffron sales center.
We also consider two issues: the difference in the purchase price of saffron per kilo in Mashhad and Tehran, as well as the method of purchasing kilo saffron in the saffron market.

Different saffron in the market

We have always seen different saffron in the saffron market, which had different shapes and, of course, different prices.
But how do we identify the original saffron?
In the saffron market, saffron, which has red color, good aroma, and a sharp and bitter taste, is usually called the original saffron, and it is called the best saffron.
Purchasing original saffron

But is that always like this?

The most important factor in the authenticity of saffron is the purity of saffron.
That is, apart from that it does not have stones, waste, etc., it should not be mixed with any other type of saffron.
This is the most secretive fraud in the saffron market, which mixes different types of saffron and sometimes different qualities and sells them at lower prices.
In appearance it is saffron, in appearance it is good saffron. But is that really the case?
Original saffron is always more expensive than other saffron in the market, but due to its high quality, it has always been more economical in the process of various uses.

Wholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron

saffron purchase price

The largest saffron sales center is located in Mashhad.
This is while a little saffron cultivate in Mashhad. Most saffron cultivation is done in South Khorasan and then in Khorasan Razavi and North Khorasan.
But due to the strategic situation of Mashhad, most saffron sales are done in this city.
In the field of bulk selling and buying saffron, prices in Tehran and Mashhad and of course other cities are no different.
But in the field of partial sale of saffron, the price of saffron per gram and the price of saffron per kilo varies in different cities.

Method of purchasing kilo saffron

In the bulk saffron market, the minimum weight traded is 250 grams.
But the way to buy kilo saffron is as follows:
1. If you consider a specific type of saffron, you will be received the same type.
2. Saffron is sent to you based on the type of consumption.
3. In the field of saffron export, we can offer you the saffron that we produce and export for your destination country.

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