Since on the fifteenth of this month (training how to grow saffron in October in the Netherlands) a training course in Greenhouse Saffron cultivation, it is necessary to provide the best services to the esteemed students.

Saffron Cultivation Training Course

The visit is detailed.
The other authorities who wish to participate in the meeting please indicate their presence or absence at the end of this article.

on 15/10/02022
11:00 am
Session duration 1 hour 45 minutes
Note: The presence of honorable colleagues is required 10 minutes before the meeting.

Saffron cultivation education

Ms. Khadizadeh:
In this meeting, Khadizadeh’s wife will present her explanation for the saffron planting on the farm.

Mr. Chelawi:
Teacher of Saffron Cultivation in a new way: Mr. Chelvi explains the transfer of saffron bulbs to the agricultural field.

Session Manager:
Hashifar will chair the conference as an expert on saffron planting.

Saffron cultivation education
Saffron cultivation education

How much is saffron?

It is worth mentioning that in the next few days saffron will be collected on some agricultural fields, and the price of saffron will be fluctuating between the two countries.
Therefore, experts of the saffron sales unit will announce the prices of different products at this meeting.

training how to grow saffron in October

King Business held several important training sessions on how to grow saffron in October in the Netherlands.
The fifteenth day of saffron training in October is held in person and online.

Free saffron cultivation training

All applicants who wish to receive basic information about saffron cultivation can participate in free training on saffron planting by King Business.
The free training provides you with all the basic principles you need to grow saffron.

Free saffron cultivation training
Free saffron cultivation training

Zero to one hundred saffron cultivation education

Advanced courses and basic classes are very useful.
These courses usually provide you with all subjects from zero to one hundred related to saffron cultivation.
Courses usually last for 8-14 sessions.
Grow saffron in October in the Netherlands is one of the full periods.

Enroll in training courses

One of the best ways to enroll in the training courses in saffron planting in a new way and planting on the farm with pot is to contact our company’s experts directly.
In addition, you can complete the form below to contact our colleagues as soon as possible and register your name for free saffron cultivation training courses or advanced courses.
For detailed information on how the meetings are held, the topics taught at the meetings and getting the list of the price of saffron and the registration fee, you can now contact King Business.

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