What is the price of saffron in Turkey in dollars and Lira?
To buy saffron in Turkey from Saffron King Business Company, saffron sales center, contact our experts, but how to profit in the Turkish saffron market?
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Buying saffron in Turkey

Saffron king Business Company is also active in Turkey. Our partners in Turkey are ready to serve you economic activists. The saffron offered by this saffron sales center to the Turkish saffron market is produced specifically for this market. We are active in the field of saffron wholesale. In the following, we will consider the purchase price of saffron from this saffron sales center in weights of 1 to 100 kg.
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Saffron per kilo in Turkey

The prices offered by Saffron king Business Company are determined on two main bases:
1. Delivery of saffron in Europe: in which case prices are calculated in euros.
2. Delivery of saffron in the destination country: in which case they are calculated in dollars.
Another factor determining the selling price of exporting saffron is the type of saffron and the amount of order, in the following, you can see the price list of exporting saffron in dollars and select the option you want.

Purchase price of saffron?

The best way to make a profit in Istanbul saffron market is to choose saffron that has many customers and applicants in this market.
Saffron king Business Company as a producer and exporter of first class saffron is proud to:
1. If you have a specific type of saffron, we will offer the same type.
2. If you wish, we can share our export experience with you dear ones, such as:
Based on years of experience in various Asian and European markets and several American countries, we will offer you the same type of saffron with the same quality grade that we export to your destination country.

Properties of saffron

Please note that the quality ratings of saffron in this company are specific to Saffron king Business Company and there is a slight difference with the different grades of saffron available in the market.
Saffron king Business Company’s cultivators determine the quality grades of saffron based on various factors and export it to various markets. Factors such as:
1. Saffron cultivation place
2. Saffron cultivation method
3. Method of harvesting and storing saffron
4. Specialized test 1197
5. Specialized test 1253
6. Specialized test 16536
7. Specialized test 36598. Specialized test 5869
9. Specialized test 17034
10. And a few other specialized tests that are specific to each country.

Target markets of saffron

What is the best price of saffron?

How to buy and sell bulk saffron? In the saffron market, saffron is traded in two major and retail forms. Partial purchase and sale of saffron, as its name implies, is sold partially, in partial sale of saffron, the lowest weight is half a gram and the maximum weight is 10 grams. Of course, weights between 10 and 100 grams are also traded as gift and souvenir packages in this section, in buying partial saffron, the most important element is saffron packaging, but in the field of buying bulk saffron,

What is the best price of saffron?

Saffron sale price

The lowest weight that is traded is 250 grams, and most of the weight traded is in high weights. In the sale of kilo saffron, the price of saffron is determined based on the order quantity and type of saffron and the quality of saffron. The most important element in buying kilo saffron is the quality of saffron.

Saffron sale price

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