The average purchase Afghan saffron prices market is between $ 890 and $ 1,300.
These prices are for order registration from the most reputable saffron wholesale center that plants saffron and produces red gold.
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Excellent saffron quality

Afghan saffron prices in the world market
Afghan saffron prices in the world market

For 4 consecutive years (between 2016 and 2019) red gold harvested from Herat region has been introduced as the best saffron in the world.
The test is performed by the Office of the Taste and Food Research Authority in Brussels, Belgium.
Every year, this global organization tests a variety of food condiments.
Since saffron is in the group of spices and food seasonings, it has been studied among more than 300 types of flavors, and finally Afghan saffron has been able to obtain the first rank.
In fact, the highest quality saffron in the world is the red gold of Afghanistan.

Saffron export from Afghanistan

Due to various connections, this government can easily export saffron.
Of course, the Afghan market is more consumer.
A small amount of saffron is harvested annually for domestic consumption and more than 90% of this product is exported to European countries.
About 60-70% is exported to Arab countries and 30-40% to Europe and the United States.

Saffron wholesale center in Afghanistan

Most domestic transactions in this country are done in dollars.
That is why the price of saffron in Herat is done in dollars.
The average price of saffron in wholesale centers is from $ 980 to $ 1,670.
One of the wholesale brands in this country is Saffron King.
In addition to selling and exporting saffron, the company has an agricultural farm in the city of Herat and plants saffron.
You can watch videos of our products and farms on the company’s YouTube channel.

Planting saffron in Herat

Planting saffron in Herat
Planting saffron in Herat

Saffron onion entered this country in different ways in previous years.
Due to the favorable climatic conditions for the production of saffron, the planting of this valuable plant flourished in the city of Herat.
In the process of growing saffron, less chemicals are used, so the quality of the products is very high.
Saffron King Company offers you organic saffron. Afghan saffron prices.

Buy saffron – Afghan saffron prices

In 2019, more than 21 tons of saffron were planted in Afghanistan.
Most of this product has been exported to the UAE, Qatar and other Arab countries.
A large amount of red gold was exported to Europe by Saffron King.
In recent years, China has pre-purchased most Afghan saffron with investments and contracts with Afghanistan.
China will become the largest buyer of Afghan red gold in the next few years.

Sale of saffron

Considering that China is a producer of saffron, it is also one of the largest buyers of saffron.
Although the originator of greenhouse cultivation of saffron is Chinese, but in addition to domestic production, there is still a need to import this product.
Experts say that China’s decision and comprehensive support for saffron farmers in Afghanistan will definitely increase the production of this product in this country next year. Afghan saffron prices

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