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Introducing the largest saffron sales center with quality assurance in Iran
Why should we buy Sargol Grade 1 saffron with a test sheet?
What is the purchase price of bulk saffron from a tested farmer?
Why is it important to buy saffron with high crocin?
Pure saffron price list on sale this month
Buy saffron with crocin

Sargol saffron with test sheet

Sargol saffron with test sheet
Sargol saffron with test sheet

We all know very well that there is a lot of fraud in the saffron market.
For example, by coloring the corn cob (cob root), they spread it in the market instead of saffron.
Or by impregnating saffron noodles with honey and other additives, they increase the weight of saffron.
There are many hidden and hidden frauds in buying and selling saffron.
Mixing several saffrons together and selling them as export saffron is another fraud in the saffron market.
These issues confirm the importance of buying saffron that has a laboratory approval.
Buy saffron with crocin

Sale of saffron with quality guarantee

Among the different types, the highest fraud statistics are related to Sargol saffron.
The color of this type of red is bright and uniform and there is no color combination in it.
Therefore, the possibility of fraud in the sale of Sargol saffron is very high.
It is better to buy a safe product by buying Sargol Grade 1 saffron with a test sheet.
The saffron test sheet determines the amount of crocin, safranal, crocitin and other compounds in the red gold thread.
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Buy saffron with crocin

Buy bulk saffron from a tested farmer

Buy bulk saffron from a tested farmer

Saffron King store sells a variety of saffron for export with a laboratory analysis sheet.
Saffron King Company is in Europe and has a specialized saffron laboratory.
Our companies sell saffron with quality guarantee.
The farms of the company produce a variety of saffron grade one with a suitable percentage of useful compounds such as high crocin and safranal.
We are a wholesaler of bulk saffron and we deliver our products to the customer with a laboratory approved certificate.
Our central company in Europe analyzes the highest quality saffron in its specialized laboratories.
The quality and price of Saffron King brand pure saffron are approved by buyers all over Europe.

Saffron King Store offers its products to its customers with 100% guarantee.
Buy saffron with crocin

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