Saffron is exported by Saffron King Business Company to most countries.
In the following, we will consider the purchase price of the most widely common saffron for export and the best way to Export it.
We are active in the field of selling saffron and exporting kilos of saffron.

saffron amount in travel

One of the ways to export saffron in personal travel: this method people export saffron to neighboring countries. In this way, a person who has a business card can export saffron in large volumes and import into the neighboring country.
they need to have required document do this delivery however to know the terms of receiving business cards they export saffron in a suitcase, you must contact the customs.

Saffron export

Buy the most widely used export saffron

There is a very important point in the field of saffron exports that most newcomers in this field do not know it and that’s why they’re not trading:
 Each country and the different markets of each country demand a specific type of saffron depending on the type of use of saffron in different uses of food and pharmaceutical industries,
Meanwhile, a number of Saffron King Business companies, as well as most Asian and European countries, are ready to serve economic actors.

Saffron per kilo

The Best Way to Export Saffron

we use different air, land and sea methods to export saffron, but here we want to tell you the simplest 
way to export saffron.
The easiest way to export saffron is to buy saffron from a center that can export it to you. 
One of the advantages of buying saffron from Saffron King Business company is that you can receive your purchase easily.

The Best Way to Export Saffron

Pure Saffron

Pure saffron is the most popular saffron in the world.
How to identify pure saffron? 
In the following, we will consider 5 features of the purest saffron in the market.
We specialize in the sale and export of authentic Afghan saffron

Pure Saffron

The price saffron per kilo

Here, both the price list of saffron and the purchase price of exporting saffron are available to you.   Depending on the amount of order, the type of saffron and the place of delivery.
 In the following, you can see the price list of pure saffron for export. The weights of 1 to 10 kg and 10 to 25 kg and 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg

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The price original saffron per kilo

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