Saffron price forecast this month?
According to the current situation, the price of saffron is expected to stabilize this month.
In the market, the price per kilo of saffron today has been between 20 and 30 million.
This year’s harvest saffron will be offered to the market at higher prices.

The price of one kilo of saffron

The price of one kilo of saffron
The price of one kilo of saffron

Wholesalers usually buy saffron in bulk.
The price of one kilo of saffron (harvested this year) in the Tehran market is between 32 and 36 million tomans.
Of course, the amount of saffron purchased, ie registering your order, affects the final price of the products.
For example, if your purchase is over 20 kg, you can benefit from 10 to 15% discounts from our company.

The daily price of saffron

According to the saffron harvest season, the price of products is announced daily.
In the retail market, the price of each gram of saffron is between 30 and 35 thousand tomans.
As you know, Saffron King Company is one of the largest producers and sellers of saffron in the world.
In the following section, we review the saffron price forecast for this month.

Price per ounce of saffron

Today, the price of each ounce of saffron in the Mashhad market is between 110 and one thousand tomans.
Stores, supermarkets, and shops typically buy half-pound and one-pound packages.
Consumers prefer to buy saffron in a warm and balanced way.
They buy saffron as much as they consume for a few days or as much as a month.

Factors affecting saffron pricing

Factors affecting saffron pricing
Factors affecting saffron pricing

Saffron packaging plays an important role in its quality.
The amount of saffron purchased also has a direct effect on its pricing.
The quality and grade of products, the type of analysis, and laboratory criteria of saffron are among the factors affecting pricing.
Of course, rising inflation of the dollar and other factors also affect the rise in prices of products.

Saffron price forecast this month

It is seen that the prices of saffron types will reach relative stability this month.
Saffron buyers are expected to register their orders.
To report the sales unit of Jahan Saffron King Company, we are witnessing pre-purchase of products.
Many retailers who buy bulk red gold will buy the products they need this month.
For this reason, the partners of our company’s sales department are fully prepared to offer you a variety of products.

Wholesale saffron

There are some very important points in saffron wholesale.
Dear customers, what kind of packaging do you need?
Shipping the order as well as the final destination where we have to deliver the products is also very important. set
As a carpenter, saffron wholesalers want us to deliver the order to their final destination.
Naturally, the Commercial Department of the World Saffron King Group examines all costs and also calculates the cost of transportation to the final destination, and then announces the price to customers.
Some saffron traders want to go to our company’s equipped workshops and see the saffron up close and then make their purchase.
Saffron price forecast this month?
It receives products from Maya’s office from our packaging workshops.
Because we are the wholesaler of saffron, so the price of products in our companies is much lower than the market price.

Buy saffron in packaging

Buy saffron in packaging
Buy saffron in packaging

As mentioned above, stores and shops want to receive products in a package of a few grams or a pound from our company.
That’s why our packaging team has provided this opportunity.
Buying saffron in the packaging (warm and heavy) is booming these days.
Jahan Saffron King Company has packaged red gold in packages of half a gram to ten grams of half a pound to three ounces.
Of course, these packages are placed in special hangers or stands and presented to you.
Saffron price forecast this month?

Export of saffron

Because Saffron King Company is licensed by King Saffron Company in Europe, it has the opportunity to export red gold all over the world.
Headquartered in Europe, we can deliver products to your final destination in 29 European countries.
Exporting saffron requires expertise and experience.
Last week, the export department of our company exported 120 kilos of straw saffron to Spain.
Also in the last month, our company has exported a significant amount of quality products to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Italy.

Sale of bulk saffron

Sale of bulk saffron
Sale of bulk saffron

Traders usually buy saffron in bulk.
Because we are the wholesaler of saffron, bulk packages in weights of half a kilo and one kilo are offered to customers.
The sale of bulk saffron has attracted a lot of fans in the market these days.
It is noteworthy that in wholesale, the price of products is much lower than the retail price.
The important question that arises is whether the wholesale profit is higher or the retail one?
We will address this issue in the next section.
Do you also want to buy the highest quality saffron at the best price from the world’s reputable saffron King company?

Saffron sales advice

Experts will help you choose the product.
If you are a saffron trader and want to export red gold, you can contact our experts.
We tell you in which country which type of best-selling saffron is trusted.
Our group of companies produces, processes, and packages a specific type of saffron for each country.
Our specialty is in the production, supply, packaging, sale, and export of saffron.
Contact our sales experts to purchase and place an order.
Of course, our sales agents in different cities and different countries of the world also offer you different types of saffron.

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