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What is the best price to buy saffron?
Bulk purchase of pure saffron and guarantee the quality of saffron
Sale of saffron as a guarantee and online saffron store (
Buy bulk saffron and different types of saffron in the European market
Do you know which countries are the largest producers of saffron in the world?

Bulk purchase of pure saffron

Where to buy saffron?
Where to buy saffron?

Saffron is one of the foods that can be cheated.
Especially in the types of Sargol and Negin, which do not have the cream or the orange part of the saffron string.
Therefore, you should be very careful when buying saffron.
Major purchase of original saffron should be done by experts and those who have full knowledge in diagnosing pure saffron.
Interesting to know: Saffron King guarantees the quality of its products 100%.
Because we are a producer of saffron, so you can buy saffron without intermediaries.

The best price of saffron

When asked: Where to buy saffron?
That is, how to buy a quality product at the best price and easily.
The best price of saffron is that the money we pay is commensurate with the quality of the product, service and service.
The price of one kilo of saffron in Saffron King is between 890 and 1500 Euros.
Of course, in saffron retail, the price of one gram of saffron is between 2.5 and 3.5 euros.
The minimum purchase amount in one gram, two gram, etc. packages is 1000 packages (ie one kilogram).
In bulk saffron sales, the minimum purchase amount is one kilo.

Sale of saffron as a guarantee

Sale of saffron as a guarantee
Sale of saffron as a guarantee

One of the important branches of Saffron King Company for the sale of guaranteed saffron in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain
The sale and purchase of saffron, like other products in these sales centers, is booming.
Many traders and companies sell or buy saffron.
Of course, the price and quality of products of all companies are not the same.
For saffron buyers, the quality of products and the price of saffron are very important, and the important question for customers was: Where to buy saffron? Pure and quality quality saffron.
Yes – Saffron King, as one of the largest sellers of saffron, offers you all kinds of red gold throughout Europe.
We are a wholesaler of saffron. You can buy pure saffron from Saffron online store at

Buy bulk saffron

Different types of saffron for export in the European market
Super Negin
Root or corner

We sell bulk and partial packaging in bulk.
In addition, the company’s products are delivered to the customer with a laboratory confirmation form.

Saffron buying and selling center

Do you know which countries are the largest producers of saffron in the world?

And several other countries are the largest producers of saffron in the world.
Saffron King is one of the largest sellers of saffron in Europe.
We export red gold worldwide through our sales branches in most countries.
The main method of selling saffron in all our stores in the country and abroad is in bulk.
The customer will be offered any type of saffron with the best quality and desired packaging.
In bulk sales of bulk saffron, at least one kilogram and the sample of saffron sent to the customer is 250 grams.

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