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Will the $ 500 saffron rate be the lowest price for saffron in 2021?
In the previous courses of 2019, the dollar rate was in the range of $ 200 to $ 300. In the current situation, the probability of falling to those levels is very low.
1. Development of sales and consumption of saffron in the market
2. Now, the price of saffron per kilo in Rials is almost equal to the cost of its production, and the decrease in prices cause that cultivating won’t be valuable.

Current Price of saffron

Current Price of saffron
Current Price of saffron

That’s why the government intervened seriously this year, and even the actors supported the price of saffron per kilo.
1. Only if the exchange rate continues to rise and the rial rate stabilizes, as well as the corona damage. this rate may fall below $ 500.
2. Currently, the dollar price of this red gold is in the lowest price of saffron in 2021, and the spread of Corona has prevented the increase in the purchase price of saffron, as well as large-scale sales.

Saffron price in Corona (Covid-19) situation

Naturally, if Corona has more severe and long-term consequences, the saffron dollar rate may fall again, but if Corona is controlled, prices go back to its normal rates.
Especially when there is a lot of demand and the lowest price of saffron will stimulate demand. Bad mood of saffron export and the increase in damages
Currently, saffron exports are practically impossible with the spread of corona

Buy saffron in Corona Situation

Lowest price of saffron in 2021
Lowest price of saffron in 2021

At least one to three tons of saffron was traded daily in the market before the corona outbreak.
At present, this figure has reached about 10 to 20 kilograms, in emergencies situation, for example, farmer needs money.
In the market, all saffron supply units have bought for Eid night in March, but due to the created conditions, they have not been able to sell it, so when the market opens, they have saffron and do not buy it again.

Purchase saffron in 2021

The vice-chairman of the National Saffron Council clarified: “So we need to see when the situation will return to normal. how long it will take for the remaining product to be sold in the warehouses.” However, we must manage the market so that we do not face a mutation in supply, because in this case the price of saffron per kilo will fall sharply and farmers will lose profit.

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