Cooperation with Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies
As you know, Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are producer and exporter of all kinds of saffron for export through agencies in Turkey, Afghanistan, etc., through the head office in the Netherlands, has easily made it possible to export all kinds of saffron to France and other European countries, Saffron market in France.

Price of saffron in France

Organic and inorganic saffron

1. The type and quality of saffron is directly related to the price of saffron. The price of the lowest quality of exporting saffron 850$ and the price of the highest quality of exporting saffron is 1650$
Of course, this price is related to the second half of 2020
2. The price of currency affects the price of saffron (this red gold).
3. But the most important factor in determining the price is the amount of the order.

Amount of saffron

Amount of saffron

1. You can get your saffron directly from the Iran office or our agencies in other countries en Saffron market in France
2. Having health licenses for the product affects the price of saffron.
3. The price of bulk saffron packaging varies. (Saffron is vulnerable and in order to maintain the quality and appearance of bulk saffron, it must be placed in special packaging)

Effective factors on saffron price

Effective factors on saffron price

Hidden fraud in the saffron market

Since the selling price of saffron and the purchase price of saffron is different, the price of saffron is announced daily.
Due to the high cost of saffron, we will tell you the safest way to buy and sell wholesale saffron for export at the lowest cost.
1. Be sure to ask the company or the seller to send you sample of saffron
2. Because you are going to buy bulk saffron, it is better to have sample more than 200 grams and less than 500 grams.
Only with this amount can you check the volume of saffron well. (Saffron volume is directly related to your side costs.)

Purchase Ghaenat saffron in Tehran

Buy and sale of exporting saffron

There are two main issues in selling and exporting saffron to France:
First: the quality of saffron
Second: the price of saffron
As you know, the price of saffron varies daily and several factors affect the price of saffron, which we will consider in this section.
As you know, saffron is the most luxurious exporting product in Iran.
Because of the high price of saffron, the market for bulk saffron is not hidden from the eyes of fraudsters.
The most secret and hidden fraud in buying and selling saffron per kilo is

Effective factors on saffron price

Some people are looking for  cheap price and high quality. Exactly in this market, some people mix different types of saffron (for example, one kilo of Super Negin saffron with a few kilos of Sargol or haulm Sargol) and the sold this product under the name of first class saffron at a lower price.
While the audience looks the appearance of saffron, the qualities are different.
This is the most secret fraud in the sale of saffron and unfortunately it is very common.

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