In the following, we will consider the major purchase of saffron in Iran in Tomans, Dollars and Euros.
But what is the price of first-class exporting saffron per kilo today?
What is the price of saffron per kilo?
But the price of a kilo of saffron varies depending on the order quantity.
We are saffron producer and selling price of kilo saffron in this company changes monthly.

Wholesale purchase of saffron

What is the purchase and sale price of bulk saffron in Iran?
In Iran, the price of saffron in 2020 changes every day.
But the managers of Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are trying to keep the prices in this company constant for a month.
So that the wholesale purchase price of saffron from this company does not change during a month.
These wonderful conditions are a great opportunity for saffron buyers to be able to safely place an order.

Buy first-class saffron per kilo

In this section, we will deal with the selling price of one kilo of exporting first-class saffron.
What is the price of saffron per kilo in 1399?
The wholesale price of saffron in dollars and euros is available in this table.
In this price list of saffron, the prices for 1 to 100 kg are classified at your disposal.
You can choose the type of saffron and the amount of your order and get the saffron you need.

Purchase saffron price in 2020

What is the selling price of Ghaenat saffron?
We considered the price of saffron in 2020 in the previous articles.
The wholesale purchase price of saffron and the price of saffron per kilo are regularly available on this site and on our Telegram channel.
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