You can contact our experts to buy original saffron from the Saffron King Business The best saffron store. Here we will review the price of each kilo of Mancha saffron and the purchase price of bulk saffron. different types of original saffron and 3 grades of saffron quality in this store have caused a variety of prices in this collection.

The best saffron store

Price per kilo of saffron

Each kilo of saffron is equivalent to 4 grams. The price of each kilo of super Negin exporting saffron varies from 10 Euros to 18 Euros.   
Each gram of exporting Sargol saffron in the market is 1 euro to 8 euro is.
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Price per kilo of saffron

Sale of Mancha saffron

Some of the products of this company are made in Mancha region and we can offer you different types of Mancha saffron.
The most important factors in determining the price when buying saffron are the transaction amount, type, and quality of saffron. For major transactions, the minimum amount for the sample is 250 grams. The purchase price of bulk saffron in big deals is much cheaper than its retail price.
Saffron King Business Company, active in the field of saffron wholesale, has created a special opportunity for you fellow economic activists.
So that the prices in this collection are fixed for one month, you can safely plan for your business.

Sale of Mancha saffron

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Types of saffron in this saffron store

Saffron has various types, which are:

1.         saffron type Negin:
super negin, exporting negin,
ordinary negin, semi negin
2.         Saffron type Sargol:
exporting Sargol, first-class Sargol, excellent Sargol, ordinary Sargol 
3.         Saffron type Pushal:
exporting Pushal, ordinary Pushal, weak Pushal

Types of saffron in this saffron store

The price of each different type of saffron varies according to its quality. We are a producer of saffron and we supply saffron to the market without intermediaries.

Saffron price in gram

Factors that increase the price of saffron per gram are:

1.         Type and quality of saffron
2.         Type of saffron packaging
3.         Brand strength
4.         Demand
5.         The purchasing power of people in the target community

Features of Pushal saffron

Collection of Saffron King Business companies are producers and exporters of saffron in Iran and can offer you partial saffron on order and in circulation. the lowest circulation of 1000 pieces

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