What is the wholesale purchase price of Negin saffron for export? In the following, you will see the day price of saffron for export in the market, as well as the day price of saffron. In the first part of the price table of different types of saffron in the market, as well as a podcast on the reason for the difference in the price of saffron, we present to you dear ones. Prices of saffron grade 1 are uploaded daily and instantly on the saffron King Business website. Buying Negin saffron

Saffron purchase price list

Today’s price of exporting saffron in the saffron market and the purchase price of exporting Negin saffron are as follows: We are a producer of saffron, so the prices of this company will not fluctuate often during a month. In the following, you can see the price list of kg saffron in the weights of 1 to 10 kg, 10 to 25 kg, 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg and select the option you want.
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What is the price of Mancha saffron?

Purchase saffron per kilo

As you know, various companies are active in the field of distribution or export of saffron but what is the difference between saffron King Business company?
1. We are a producer of saffron.
2. From one gram to several hundred kilos, we will deliver any quantity you order.
3. We can offer you saffron both in Europe and in your destination countries.
4. We do the packaging with your order.

Purchase saffron per kilo

Features of Negin saffron:

1. Be colorful.
2. Do not have pieces stuck together.
3. The three branches of the stigma should be separated.
4. The end of the stigma should not be white.
5. Do not have wrinkles.
6. Etc.
This type of saffron should be without any tail and whiteness and the three branches (stigmas) should be separated and should not have wrinkles. Among the types of saffron, this model has an extremely high coloring property, it is also very fragrant, and in appearance, Negin saffron is very bulky and beautiful.
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Features of Negin saffron:

Cost of saffron in the market

The European market is considered as a center for buying and selling all kinds of saffron and especially for buying high quality saffron. High quality saffron should has high quality in terms of color, smell, taste, etc. The price of saffron is uploaded daily and instantly on the saffron King Business website and will be available to you dear ones. Buying Negin saffron
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Production of saffron Iranian

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