The pulse of buying and selling exporting saffron is in the Spanish and Chinese markets.
How to buy bulk saffron with exporting quality? The wholesale purchase and sale price of exporting saffron starts from $ 900 and varies up to $ 1450. But what is the best purchase price of exporting saffron per kilo in these markets? What is the reason for the difference in the price of quality saffron? What are the different types of exporting saffron and what is the low price of saffron?

Price of saffron per kilo?

The purchase price of exporting saffron per kilo in the market and the price of saffron are very different. the best exporting saffron and the best purchase price of Exporting Sargol Saffron per kilo varies between $ 1,100 to $ 1,250. price differences depend on many factors, Of course

Price per kilo of saffron

Saffron price in Markets?

Unfortunately, in this market, another part of this price difference is various frauds. Since saffron is a valuable plant, some people want cheap saffron prices. The most important and hidden fraud in major buying and selling exporting saffron is mixing two types of saffron.  Mixing first-grade saffron with lower grade saffron. In this case, saffron is offered as exporting and pure saffron but at a lower price.

Price of saffron per gram

Types of exporting saffron

Negin, Sargol and Pushal saffron are the most available common types in the saffron market. Another type of saffron is Super Negin saffron, which is prepared during the harvest season and is used for export.
Sargol, Negin, and Pushal saffron have different prices due to the difference in quality. Of course, each of these types also has different grades, which again affect the price. This grade is determined based on the color and flavor 

Advantage of buying saffron

Various companies Are active in the field of distribution or export of saffron. these companies supply saffron both in major and minor quantities, but What differs the Saffron King Business company?

1.         We are a manufacturer of saffron.
2.         We have farmland in Iran and Afghanistan and we produce saffron.
3.         We offer the most suitable price of exporting saffron in the saffron market because we offer it directly.

Advantage of buying saffron

Buying saffron conditions

4.         we will offer any amount you order, From one gram to every few hundred kilos.
5.         We have active representatives in different countries.
6.         We can offer you saffron both in Iran and in different countries and your destination.
7.         We do the packaging according to your orders.

Price of saffron in Kuwait

purchase price of quality saffron

The main activity of Saffron King Business Company is saffron exports. We can Deliver saffron in any destination you require.

1.         The value of the product is determined by the currency of the country.
2.         Delivered with certificates and standards.
3.         delivery in all cities is possible.
4.         Delivered with company default packaging.
5.         With custom packaging by customer order
6.         It is possible to deliver the order in all countries.

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