Where is the largest training center for planting saffron in Europe?
What is the best way to register for saffron grow training courses at King Business Company?

Saffron planting training in the Netherlands

In the city of Rotterdam, the training center for the production of pure gold in Europe will be opened.
King Business Company, as the executor of this project, provides saffron training to esteemed applicants.

Registration in the saffron grow training course

Saffron cultivation training is done in pots and also in the field in Rotterdam.
To register for saffron production training courses, contact King Business Training Department by the end of this month.

Red gold planting training

This valuable product is known as red gold.
King Business Company is one of the largest producers of saffron in Europe.
This company has important projects in the field of saffron cultivation in Europe, Holland, Belgium, and France.

Red gold planting training
Red gold planting training

Weather conditions suitable for planting saffron

Special weather conditions are needed for the production of each product.
Saffron grows in different climates.
In a new way, we can grow this valuable product in most European countries.

planting saffron training department in Europe

According to several years of research by King Business Company, the saffron breeding project was finally started in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
The saffron planting training department teaches new methods of growing saffron in pots and fields to respected applicants.

Production of quality products

Iran and Spain are known as the biggest producers of saffron.
The important thing in growing this valuable plant is that it should be planted scientifically so that you can collect quality products from the farm.

Production of quality products
Production of quality products

Saffron onion

One of the most important requirements for growing this valuable product is saffron onion.
To produce pure and quality products, the saffron onion must be completely healthy and not have any diseases or pests.

Services of King Business Company

In addition to saffron planting training classes in Europe, this company provides special services.
You can also buy high-quality saffron onions through this company.
Get training on saffron cultivation, buy saffron bulbs, do your saffron cultivation with the consultants of our company, and after collecting the products, you can sell them to King Business.

Buy saffron

One of the important benefits of participating in these saffron cultivation training courses is that when you collect your products, you can sell them to King Business.
In the sense that; We will teach you all the steps from 0 to 100 of cultivation saffron and the most important thing is that you will not be stressed to sell this product.

Buy saffron
Buy saffron

The price of one gram of saffron

Is the price of one gram of saffron in the European market equal to one gram of gold?
In the Saffron King online store, the price of all types of red gold is uploaded daily.
There you can see that the price of saffron in 0.05 weight in special packaging is 1.19€.

The selling price of saffron

If you also want to work in the field of buying and selling saffron or you want to participate in the training center for planting saffron in Europe, you can contact the experts of our company.
The selling price of saffron is available to you daily on the company’s website.

The selling price of saffron
The selling price of saffron

Saffron online store

One of the best ways to buy saffron is to visit the online store of Saffron King.
In this online store, you can buy all kinds of saffron in different packages.
Contact us to buy the best quality saffron at the best price.

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