Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world.
Saffron King Business Company is one of the largest producers and exporters of saffron.
The company, with various agencies in Asian and European countries, has taken strong steps in the field of sales of exporting saffron and major saffron exports.
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Sales of exporting saffron

The price of the best saffron

There are different prices in the saffron market, but in this section, we will deal with the price of the best saffron, which has the highest quality.
What is the purchase price of saffron per kilo today?
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The price of the best saffron

Buy the best saffron

The best type of saffron in the market is usually exporting Super Negin saffron, but the price of original saffron is always high because it has a high quality. Negin Mumtaz saffron per kilo is approximately $ 1,200, while the price of exporting Negin Saffron per kilo is $ 1457.

Price list of the best saffron

How to buy and sell saffron?

Buying and selling saffron for export should be the best type of saffron. Most countries buy saffron in bulk; therefore, it is better to export saffron based on the taste and desire of the target country. The minimum amount that is done in the field of wholesale ​​saffron is 250 grams.
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Buying kilo saffron from wholesale market

Purchase price of saffron per kilo

In general, the purchase price of saffron per kilo from the wholesale market is between $ 940 to $ 1457, but what is the difference between saffron prices?
The price of saffron in the field of bulk sales depends on various factors. Factors such as:
1. Type of saffron
2. Quality grade of saffron
4. Service provider company

Purchase price of saffron per kilo

Types of exporting saffron

Different saffron are sold in this store, which also have many price variations:
1. Negin type saffron:
Super Negin,
Exporting Negin,
Ordinary Negin,
Suspicion Negin

2. Sargol type saffron:
exporting sargol,
first class sargol,
premium sargol,
ordinary sargol

3. Pushal type saffron:
exporting Pushal,
pen Pushal,
ordinary Pushal,
weak Pushal
Saffron Mancha

Original saffron store

Different types of sale saffron

The price of different type of saffron varies according to its quality.
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The price of the best saffron in the saffron market to buy saffron per kilo from the exporting saffron sales center

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