Importing saffron to Japan is one of the most lucrative saffron trade in bulk.
Good trade relations with Japanese traders have boosted saffron exports to the country.
The price of exporting saffron in the Japanese saffron market is much higher than other markets, which has different cause and factors.
But what is the price of saffron in Japan?
How to export saffron to Japan?We will answer these questions below.
Be with us.

Importing saffron to Japan

Price of saffron in Japan

The price of saffron in each country is different from another country.
In some countries, they sell saffron up to $2000 per kilo, while in another country they sell it up to $ 8000.
In the Japanese market, which is one of the best markets for saffron trade, it finally reaches $ 12000 after a few intermediaries.
Of course, the price of saffron in Japan also depends on various factors, such as:

  1. The brand strength of the provider company
  2. Marketing method
  3. Product quality (organic, non-organic, grade 1 and 2, etc.)
  4. Type of saffron (Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal)
  5. Packaging Types
  6. Health certificates

Saffron delivery in Japanese Market

 Japan was the world’s third largest economy in 2010(after the United States and China) and the second largest in Asia. Exports make up the bulk of Japan’s economic revenue, with the United States accounting for 22.7%. China for 13.1% and South Korea for 7.8%.In the Japanese market.
Saffron packages weighing more than 30 grams.
Most saffron shipped to Japan have certain features and require special approvals in terms of laboratory certifications.

Saffron Imports methods

The method of exporting saffron and entering the Japanese saffron market are:

  1. Luggage export: people can deliver saffron between neighboring countries and they can take saffron with them to the neighboring countries.
  2. Land export: in land export, they do it through rail lines, tricks, etc. between neighboring countries.
  3. Maritime exports: Maritime exports people do it through the navy all over the world.

Importing saffron to all countries

  1. We are active in the field of wholesale and it is possible for all companies to sell saffron under their brand. After receiving saffron and the necessary international certificates from us
  2.   Commercial companies that intend to sell in bulk or retail in their countries or in other countries can place their order in the default packaging.
    Our company packages of their choice (according to the order and based on circulation) and receive their order.
Importing saffron to all countries

  Purchase and sale of saffron

  1. Since the price of exporting saffron is changing every day, delivery conditions and prices will be up to date and base on the same time period.
  2. Temporary certificates will be issued to a person only for the export of the same goods with an export expiration date.
  3. Necessary documents for temporary export will be sent along with the order.
  4. Before delivery of the original order, the amount of 250 to 500 grams as a sample will be sent to the pepsin.
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