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Saffron is sold for export by Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies.
But how much is the price of exporting saffron today? Is Super Negin saffron always the best saffron for export? How is selling and buying saffron in Mashhad Saffron Wholesale Market?

the purchase price of saffron

Wholesale saffron in Mashhad

In this section, you can see the table of wholesale prices of saffron in Iran.
The pole of shopping center for saffron is in Mashhad market.
They cultivated the most of exporting saffron in South Khorasan province.
But due to the religious and commercial situation of Mashhad, most of the saffron sales are done in bulk and in retail in this city.
In the meantime, Tehran, as the capital and very ideal commercial position, has caused many businessmen and economic activists in this city, in addition to operating in the market, set up their offices.

How much is the exporting saffron?

In the following table, see the price of saffron for 1 to 10 kg and more than 10 kg.
How much is the purchase price of exporting saffron?
We determine the purchase price of exporting saffron in Saffron King business Companies :
1. Delivery of saffron in Iran
2. Delivery of saffron in the destination country (CIF)
If we present you saffron in Iran, the price of saffron is in Tomans, and if we present you saffron in the destination country.

How is buying and selling saffron?

The lowest weight that is done in buying and selling saffron per kilogram is 250 grams.
But why is this amount set? Because:
1. With this amount, it is possible to check the purity of saffron before buying kilo saffron.
2. In the field of purchasing kilo saffron and exporting bulk saffron, the volume of saffron is very important in the final costs, because saffron has different types and volumes, with this amount, the volume of saffron can be well checked.

Quantity of saffron

Wholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron

But how much saffron can each person take out of the border?
1. As a traveler, each person can take up to 100 grams of saffron with them.
2. More than 100 grams must be sent by a company.
3. We work in the field of production, sale and export of bulk saffron, we can offer you any amount of saffron you want from our collection in the destination country.

The best saffron for export

We have always heard and seen that they use the best qualities for export. And they are called exporting products.
But does this also apply to saffron export?
What is the best saffron for export?
Can Super Negin Saffron be exported to all countries?
There are 3 different types of saffron and each of them has 4 quality grades.
Saffron, which are first class, are called exporting saffron.
In the following, we will pay more attention to the features of different types of saffron and its quality grades.

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