In this topic you read the followings:

  • Day price of saffron
  • Effective factors on saffron
  • Exporting saffron sales center
  • Cultivation of saffron
  • purchase price of saffron
  • saffron imports
saffron imports

The day price of saffron per gram varies in most cities.
Factors that increase the price of saffron per gram are:
1. Type and quality of saffron
2.  Saffron per gram packaging type
3. Brand power
4. Demand rate
5. Purchasing power of the target community
6. Political and economic conditions inside Iran and outside Iran

Effective factors on saffron

But the factors that are very effective on the price of saffron in the field of buying kilo are:
1. Type of saffron
2. Saffron quality
3. Saffron exporting standards
4.Services provided by the provider company
5. Etc.
Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are manufacturer and exporter of saffron varieties in Iran and we can offer you retail saffron on order and on circulation (lowest circulation 1000 pieces)

Exporting saffron sales center

Where is the exporting saffron sales center?
How much is the day price of saffron? How much is the profit of purchasing bulk saffron in Iran?
Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies operate as a major saffron sales center and all stages of saffron production and export in this center are done under the supervision of the company’s experts and finally the best saffron in Mashhad is offered to the markets of Iran and abroad.

Cultivation of saffron

As you know, most saffron is cultivated in Iran, in South Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan.
Naturally, with these conditions, most saffron sales centers are in this area. So that it has become the pole of Mashhad saffron market.
Most of these centers are just Mashhad saffron sales centers, so they buy saffron from farmer and sell it themselves.
And usually saffron cheats (mixing different types of saffron) are done at this time.
But among these centers, Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies operate as saffron producer and exporter.

purchase price of saffron

Before considering the issue of the purchase price of bulk saffron with exporting quality, it is better to clarify the issue. And that is:
What is the meaning of the best exporting saffron?
For example, inside Iran, the best type of exporting saffron is known as Super Negin saffron.
But for economic activists who want to work in the field of saffron exports and foreign marketing, can this type of Mashhad saffron be the best and most profitable type?
Unfortunately, we have to say no!!!

saffron imports

1. Our collection is under license by Saffron King Business Netherlands and based on years of activity in various markets, we can provide you our export experience. in this way:
2. We present you the same type of saffron that suits your market
3. The types of saffron are known, but each of these types has 4 grades of quality.
We will provide you with the same quality that we produce and export for your intended market.
4. We have created the opportunity for you to receive saffron anywhere in Iran or outside of Iran.
5. After registering the order and sending the product, our experts are by your side so that you can more easily get results from the sale of saffron.

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